Launching December 2020

Why Digital

Digital cards are the future; nearly 77% of small businesses in the US believe that a digital presence helps them in customer acquisition.

Digital Business Cards give your clients all the info they need to make contact with you in any matter they choose.

Your digital business card is shareable on any social media or messaging platform. This alone increases your online presence significantly.

Showcase your business by guiding users to the key elements on your website.

Real-time usage tracking provides insightful analytics to identify opportunities or weaknesses within your business model.

No more printing of business cards and brochures.

Conventional business cards are killing trees. Because we offer a 100% digital product, your business will greatly reduce it’s carbon footprint.

Clients can fill in forms directly through your digital business card.

How It Works


Because mobile phones are a necessary business tool which you always have on your person, your digital business card is always ready to share.

Longevity & Cost 

By beating a completely digital product , you can rest assured that your will never run out of cards to share. Should any of your details change, there won’t be any need to discard your old cards and order 1000 more. We will simply update your cards at no additional fee.

Sustainable Business 

Printing cards kills tress and uses poisonous ink which is not to the benefit of nature. Our cards will position your business as a front-runner for a green business and promoter of environmental sustainability.


A Smart Way of Doing Business 

• Engage with potential leads/customers instantly, digitally. 
• Get that marketing edge/brand awareness. 
• Personalise your business. 
• It’s convenient/effortless/cost effective. 
• Save on print spend/improve your carbon footprint. 
• Share your business card via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Facebook and Instagram.
• Anywhere, anytime... instantly.

The Objectives Are 

• Allows your customer/prospect the freedom to sit at the office/in the comfort of their own home/or on the go, anytime, anywhere & access 3D virtual show room tours/brochures and pop-up videos. 
• Transact effectively & efficiently with customers. 
• Speed up sales cycle process and close quickly. 
• Instant application submissions with upload to pdf feature. 
• Instant access to bio’s of Sales Exec’s, Managers and Staff. 
• Business/GPS coordinates for quick directions.

DISCLAIMER The information provided to you  should at all times be considered general information concerning the technology behind blockchain, cryptocurrency and the possible opportunities to participate in the opportunities provided by these technologies. Under no circumstances should this information be considered as any type of solicitation, investment or financial advice. The information is provided to you in general terms without taking notice of your specific personal and financial situation. Participation in this project involves risk. The Project is on a best efforts basis and there is risk of loss of part or all of the funds and commissions. Prior results of digital assets and crypto exchange market results are nothing more than a reflection of the past results, without being any guarantee of future performance. The attendees / viewers need to evaluate the risks inherent to participating on their own behalf. We suggest you seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional who can help you to take the relevant decisions after evaluating your personal and financial situation. 

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